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Craig Lovell

Carmel Valley, CA



I became interested in photography at the age of 12 when I took my first darkroom class and discovered the book “The Family of Man”. Since then photography has been my passion and I continue to explore the unlimited ways the medium can be used for self-expression.

It has been encouraging for me to see the acceptance of fine art photography expand from primarily black & white landscape imagery to include a wide variety of subjects and techniques. Each image I include in my Fine Art Portfolios must pass my own personal test of good design, lighting, technical quality and that indefinable quality that makes it art.

With a love of the natural world and native cultures, my imagery is global in scope. It is my hope that my photographs will help to promote the preservation of the natural environment and indigenous cultures throughout the world by making the viewer aware of the precious nature of what they are viewing.
Photographic Exhibitions

FACES OF ASIA: Black & White

Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA 1988
Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland, OR 1989
Thunderbird Book Store, Carmel, CA 1989


Seaside City Hall Gallery, Seaside, CA 1997
Carmel Valley Manor, Carmel Valley, CA 1998


Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA 2000
Illuminating The Path, Los Angeles, CA 2000

Ixchel Ecoluxe Artisan gallery, Carmel, CA 2012

GROUP SHOWS: Various shows and Juried Exhibitions

Photographic Center, Carmel, CAM 1993
Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA 2001 & 2002
Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA 2004
Monterey Conference Center Gallery, Monterey, CA 2005


Carmel's Outdoor Summer Art Festival - First Place Photography 1994
Purchase Award, Corporate Collection 1995
Best of Show (All Art Divisions) 1996



As well as viewing my images on line you can see my fine art prints in person by arranging an appointment. Please contact Eagle Visions Photography to set up a private showing or find out where work is currently being displayed. Extensive portfolios are on my website at and of course selected images are on this website.


Dreams Gone By by Craig Lovell


Calligraphy at the Temple by Craig Lovell


Offerings by Craig Lovell


Fishermans Dream by Craig Lovell


Tranquil Waters by Craig Lovell


Spider Man lands in Vietnam by Craig Lovell


Sacred Bicycle by Craig Lovell


Fu Dog Tranquility by Craig Lovell


Meditation Caves in the Guge Kingdom by Craig Lovell


Tibetan Pilgrim at Mount Kailash by Craig Lovell


Mani Stones - Lake Maasarovar Tibet by Craig Lovell


Tibetan Reflections by Craig Lovell


Frozen Waterfall - Tibet by Craig Lovell


Lundup Dorje the White Robed Monk - Tibet by Craig Lovell


Sacred Stupas - Central Tibet by Craig Lovell


Amdo Smile - Tibet by Craig Lovell


Jokhang Reverence - Lhasa Tibet by Craig Lovell


Reading the Scriptures - Lhasa Tibet by Craig Lovell


ma Shee Lama of Sera Gompa - Tibet by Craig Lovell


Potala Palace Reflection by Craig Lovell


Magical Thai Landscape by Craig Lovell


Bathing Elephant - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Bamboo Symphony - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Room with a View - Kho Sok Thailand by Craig Lovell


Kho Sok Sunrise - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Lion Fish by Craig Lovell


Thailand Mystery by Craig Lovell


Tropical Mist - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Karst Formation 1 - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Loi Krathong Festival - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Plowing the Sea - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Moken Children - thailand by Craig Lovell


THAILAND_D904 by Craig Lovell


Moken Village - Andaman Sea Thailand by Craig Lovell


Davaravati Buddha - Ayutthaua Thailand by Craig Lovell


Cave Light - Krabi Thailand by Craig Lovell


Palong Child - Thailand by Craig Lovell


Parvati Blessings - Rajasthan by Craig Lovell


Banjari Tribal Encounter - Udaipur Rajasthan by Craig Lovell


Banjari Tribal Beauty - Udaipur India by Craig Lovell


Lingam and Yoni by Craig Lovell


Celestial Musician - Jain Temple India by Craig Lovell


The Camels Eye by Craig Lovell


Thar Dessert Encounter - Rajasthan by Craig Lovell


Mogul Window - Jodhpur India by Craig Lovell


Jasalmer Fort Window - Rajasthan by Craig Lovell


Jasalmer Cow Encounter - Rajasthan by Craig Lovell


Banjari Hookha Smoker - Rajasthan by Craig Lovell